Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Dr. Beth specializes in the treatment and prevention of dental disease as well as the overall oral health of children from birth through adolescents. Through extra schooling, training, experience and certification, she is uniquely qualified to treat the dental needs of infants, children and  individuals with special health care needs.


What is a Pediatric Dentist?


A Pediatric Dentist is a specialist dedicated to the oral health of children and the monitoring of their facial growth and development. Our office is designed for treating children from infancy through adolescence, as well as the medically and the physically compromised. In our opinion, taking your child to see a pediatric dental specialist is as important as taking them to see a pediatrician.

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Establishing Your Child’s Dental Home


The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry encourages parents and other care providers to help every child establish a dental home by 12 months of age. Establishing a dental home provides some key components to dental care for your child including...


  • Comprehensive oral health care including acute care and preventive services.

  • Individualized preventive dental health program based upon a caries-risk assessment.

  • Anticipatory guidance regarding growth and development.

  • Plan for acute dental trauma (emergencies).

  • Dietary counseling.


We are here for you and your child.


Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


From the time children grow the first tooth until they are ready for an adult dentist, Dr. Beth and her team help care for and protect growing smiles.  Children are very different than adults and so is our approach to caring for them.  We treat your children as if they were our own and we want each visit to be fun and educational.

Meet Dr. Beth Fancher

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I’m Dr. Beth - a dentist who gets nervous when it is my turn to the see the dentist.  So, I recognize this can be challenging for people of all ages. My goal is to help children understand it doesn’t have to be, but if it is, we can get through it together.


As a parent, I know it takes a huge leap of faith to put my child in the care of someone else. As a pediatric dentist, I don’t take this for granted.  Thank you for trusting me to care for your child and allowing me the privilege of doing just that.




Dr. Beth Fancher

Pediatric Dentist at Hardin Valley Children’s Dentistry

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